Ed and Bettye Weihs with Kody

(posted March 14, 2018)

Our newly adopted Kody is extremely well behaved and well trained pup. He surely must be considered a Canine College distinguished graduate who obeys all of his voice commands and knows his hand signals. For a couple of seniors with some physical limitations he is so easy to handle, despite an abundance of youthful exuberance. The training has made him a perfect fit at this time of our lives.

Alicia Quint with her Therapy Dog Brody
(posted December 4, 2017)

Alicia and Brody passed their
Therapy Dogs International (TDI) Test
this past August - Congrats!!!!!

Chiaki Ito with Ann Perkins (posted November 7, 2017)

When I adopted Ann Perkins, she was afraid of everything. She wasn’t sure about the collar or the lead or people in general.

She would pull at the leash all of the time. She would greet all other dogs with aggressive barking. She has always loved little people and surprisingly, she is ok with cats.

She hates the horses that pull the carriages downtown. Because we live downtown, I knew that we had to get her trained for her safety. We have now successfully completed the AKC STAR Puppy program and the Canine Good Citizen program with Einstein’s Canine College. Julie has even come down on a Saturday to walk around downtown to train Ann in her own environment.

She successfully walked by big dogs and the horses without any barking or growling. We still have to work on greeting big dogs and horses, but I can say that she has improved so much. I highly recommend Julie and Einstein’s Canine College!

Peggy Crott with "Ribeye" and Deb Kotas with "Cupcake"
(posted November 7, 2017)

Hi..Renk here with my buddy Amicus. Our call signs are "Ribeye" and "Cupcake". We've been buddies since Obedience Level 3 with Ms. Julie, and have successfully completed our Therapy Dog training, thanks to her patience and understanding with our moms. We're working on Rally now, and are looking forward to starting a Therapy Dog International chapter here at Einstein's Canine College. Hope to see you soon!

Joe Zamora and Das Wookie (posted November 6, 2017)

Here is Das Wookie! He just got accepted into the Therapy-paws program out at Carolina East Medical Center in New Bern, NC it is about an hour drive but we just left his interview around lunch today. The staff was wowed by his size and calm demeanor. During his visit today Wookie went over to a gentleman that was missing a leg and in a wheelchair, he placed his head right in his lap and received a good amount of love. It is a great sign of things to come for this amazing young pup. From being abandoned and not trusting anyone, to embracing everyone and showing them love he has come a long way and everyone can’t wait for him to come back again and again! We are firm believers that he rescued us and not the other way around and just to watch the staff and patients light up as they saw him today was really great for me. To see all of his training paying off, the gentle walking, sitting, staying and being in a down as so many people wanted to see him and ask questions was just wonderful.

Proud Dad moment!

Chelsea and Mr Darcy (posted October 24, 2017)

My poodle, Mr Darcy, used to be incredibly reactive. Another dog could not come within 500 feet of him without causing Darcy to explode into a flurry of barking. This made me a nervous wreck and severely limited our ability to go out into the world for fear of causing a scene...or worse. We started working with Julie in 2011 to help manage Darcy's reactivity with the goal of eventually obtainig our AKC CGC title. Now, in 2017, Darcy has passed the CGC several times (because I keep losing the paperwork) and acts as the neutral dog during CGC testing. We can pass reactive, wild dogs with no issue; he is all eyes on me and I am no longer nervous about an issue occuring. Julie gave us the tools we needed to succeed and with her patient teaching (plus a lot of practice and hot dogs), Darcy and I can participate in any event or activity we so choose without issue. Thank you, Julie!!!!